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ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7.0 integral PC protection (virus, spyware, trojans)
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ZoneAlarm Security Suite 7.0 seems to be an integral security solution for PC systems. It offers safe firewall, parental control, instant message control, antivirus, antikeyloggers, antispam and identity theft protection, and remote control monitoring, with several options to set for a personal use of the application.

The initial window lets the user to set the way the program should protect the user's system, about firewall, program control, antispyware, antivirus monitoring, email protection, privacy and identity protection level, alerts and the logs it creates.

For the firewall settings, it offers to select the protection level for Internet zone, Trusted zone and Blocked zone (nobody can comunicate with the user system).

Program control settings allow the user to set the Program control, the Smart Defense Advisor and Automatic Lock for Internet.

The AntiSpyware protection can be turned on/off manually, scan the system anytime, update the spyware database, etc.

All the functions can be set in automatic mode (scans, updates, etc.), but that means that everytime the application downloads data to the local database, it has to reboot the system, so the user has to stop all activity and re-start the whole system again.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very simple to configure and operate


  • Boot time is much longer once the program is installed. Opening web pages takes longer too and the hard disk keeps on working all the time
  • With automatic updates, everytime it finishes downloding, ask for rebooting the system
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